With more and more armed response and guarding providers investigating offsite CCTV Monitoring , Avtech CMS is becoming a very attractive option to those thinking of making the move to this monitoring discipline. With Avtech CMS , the move to remote CCTV Monitoring no longer has to be a significant financial investment for control room operators and combined with the feature rich range of ATZ DVR’s from Avtech , exception reporting and alarm verification are accessible tools that add value to both the end users experience and to service delivery on the ground.

With features such as “PUSH VIDEO” and ” CROSS LINE” detection , control room operators now have access to the benefits of CCTV Monitoring from the outset and with very little outlay, are able to receive significant information regarding alarm activation’s at a client’s site. Whether a guarding concern or an armed response business, the benefits linked to alarm verification or alarm reporting via video are both cost saving and beneficial when maintaining one’s foothold in a very competitive market. If the financial commitment of remote CCTV monitoring is something that         delayed your entry into this fast growing sector of the industry,  Avtech has the range and affordability to ensure this is a step you can now take.

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