Nemtek’s new release has been worth the wait ! The new Taut Wire solution from Nemtek is an innovation that brings Electric Fence Energizers and Fence breach detection together with the help of the FG7 LCD Platform. This allows a perimeter to be graphically displayed within a control room enviroment , providing security in the form of a network of Nemtek energizers along with a maximum of 31 Tautwire sensors. This technology allows the system to detect a change in wire tension and then display this on a graphic overview to highlight the alarmed zones within the control room.

Ideal for small to medium high security sites along with large industrial installations , the Nemtek Tautwire system makes for a seriously good solution for all installers who are wanting to provide the end user with the best in perimeter protection

Nemtek Taut Wire Presentation

For more information on the Nemtek Tautwire System and how it can benefit your customer’s perimeter requirements , contact an ISD branch near you.