As suppliers of electronic solutions to the installation trade for over 20 years , ISD’s status as the installer’s “one stop’ shop is highlighted by their offerings of installation accessories and peripheral hardware.  As an installer, you can obtain everything you require to complete your installation, from junction boxes through to backup power sources like rechargeable gel batteries through to solar technology , knowing that your hardware requirements will meet the high quality standards you have come to expect from ISD .

Even when it comes to your solution’s technology design and whether it’s a conventional hardwired security solution requiring industry standard cabling, or a wireless site where you need the latest in wireless data transfer, ISD’s vast range of peripheral cabling and wireless transmission equipment ensures ISD is the only stop you need to make when purchasing  your security solution.

So in keeping with our philosophy of supplying only the best technology solutions available to you the installer, you can rest assured, that our range of peripheral equipment and hardware meet those exact same standards of quality and reliability.

There are many parts and supplies that installers may need for a new alarm system or to upgrade an existing alarm system. We offer the complete assortment of accessories for all your installation needs.


  • Batteries

  • Cable Solutions

  • Glue

  • Cable Fasteners

  • Cable Ties
  • Conduit
  • Wireless Transmission
  • UPS Solutions
  • Rack -Mount Cabinets

  • Network Switches
  • Solar Panels

  • Power Supplies