Powered By AVTECH

What is Eyes on Site (EOS)?

Monitor your CCTV system from your smartphone with push notification on motion and alarms. Your Armed Response Company can now monitor cameras you allow with your alarm system.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • HD CCTV at 1080p
  • Visual verification
  • Cell phone monitoring by push notification
  • Armed response can monitor cameras that users allow on motion and alarms
    • Control what your armed response company can see

Eyes On Site Technology Powered By AVTECH Gives You

  • Security
    • Two stage authentication process
    • Anti-hacking and anti-cyber attack protection
  • Privacy
    • Your cameras are only accessible in the event of an actual alarm and YOU choose exactly which cameras your armed response service provider monitors
  • Notification
    • Both you and your armed response service provider are able to get notifications on alarm activation, cross line detection, motion detection as well as login attempts
  • Monitoring / Status
    • Monitor important maintenance conditions like Hard Drive Status, Video Loss, Camera Tampering and Network Status straight to your smart device and to your armed response service provider.
  • Compatibility
    • Only replace your DVR for all these features as the DVR is backwards compatible with most camera technology.

  • Why is AVTECH?

  • Offers Virtual Fence Technology
  • Compatible with existing analogue cameras
  • AVTECH entry level DVR offers Input / Output integration with all current alarm systems
  • 3 year warranty
  • “Push Video” notifications to your smart phone app and alarm control centre