In an exciting new development , Avtech will soon be integrated with two of South Africa’s leading security software products , Oryx Software Solutions (also known as Listener) and Watchmanager Security Software, allowing security providers access to the latest in video verification technology. With video verification and CCTV technology playing a significant role in the armed response and guarding industries, as companies strive to increase service delivery levels whilst at the same time trying to contain the ever increasing costs associated with response services, Avtech’s association with these two formidable brands, has just made the use of this technology that much more affordable.

Because of Avtech’s innovative push video facility, integration can be planned around a two tiered offering which will be based on the service provider’s needs and services, with a Tier 1 integration allowing for a direct in-line feed to the control room’s management software program, like that of a PSTN base or Radio/GSM receiver, whereby the video feed would be assigned and dealt with by the software  in-conjunction with other received signals from a monitored site. This platform would therefore allow an operator the benefit of easily verifying received alarm signals with the accompanying video feed or alternatively investigating incoming video “alarms”even though no conventional alarm signals have been received , as would be the case when intruders gain access without detection. A Tier 2 integration would involve Avtech’s CMS software and would be aimed at those service providers offering off site “live” monitoring and patrol facilities .

“In our experience , when it comes to the implementation of CCTV monitoring and the addition of the technology into one’s control room,  we found that the decision making process will more than likely be based on three main criteria ,  that being affordability, reliability and the simplicity surrounding the controller’s interaction with the CCTV component of the monitoring software. We are very excited that Avtech will tick all three boxes once the integration is complete” says ISD Sales Manager , Denton Van Vuuren.